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Why Lawyers Need to Blog and What They Should Do if They Don’t Have Time to Write Them!

Why Lawyers Need to Blog and What They Should Do if They Don’t Have Time to Write Them!

Welcome to Aware Marketing’s brand-new website and to the first blog of what will become many over the coming weeks and months.

As it’s the first blog, a good starting point would be to provide answers for those lawyers – solicitors, barristers and costs lawyers – who are still asking the questions;

  1. Are there really any benefits for lawyers in doing regular legal blogs?
  2. Isn’t my writing a blog, using up time better spent fee earning or running my business?

We’d venture to suggest that the answer to both questions is ‘yes’, which isn’t at all contradictory, as we’ll now explain.

Why Blog?

  1. You will drive more traffic to your website – Although you may have a very good website with a decent number of pages and well written content, by publishing regular legal blogs on the site, you will see an increase in traffic (number of visitors) to your website. Google rewards sites that are active and that consistently provide well written, relevant and trustworthy content, by referring those using the Google search engine, to those sites. More traffic to your site, increases the chances that one or more of those visitors may just happen to become a new client of your firm!


  1. Increase the number of pages on your website – Every time that you publish a new blog on your website, think of it as being an expansion of your website. In effect it’s like adding another webpage. Websites that have depth, with valuable and interesting content, are more likely to be picked up, pushed up the rankings and get found by visitors (who we are going to continue referring to as ‘potential clients’).


  1. Provide answers to potential clients’ problems– if a potential client searches for an article or blog about a personal injury/industrial disease or medical negligence problem, for example, that they believe may be affecting them and you provide an answer to that problem, there is a strong likelihood that they will contact you to find out more and to see whether you can assist them in pursuing a compensation claim. Don’t forget that more and more people are turning to the internet to provide answers to their queries. Make sure that you have quality information in your blogs and that it is you that they turn to and not a competitor.


  1. A blog can be a great advert to showcase your legal skills – use blogs to tell people about real life case studies where you have had successes in providing solutions for clients. Some readers will have very similar problems that they also need help with and your blog could be the catalyst that makes them pick up the phone and call you for help.


  1. Producing well written, interesting and informative blogs regularly, will see your readership grow and help build trust in you and your firm.


  1. If your blogs are written with SEO in mind and contain pre-researched keywords, this will help your pages climb the search engine rankings. Optimisation is important, but equally your content must be of great quality. Stuffing your pages full of keywords just for the sake of it, will end up being counterproductive, as Google and the other search engines may well penalise you. Have quality, readable and interesting content plus relevant keywords in your blog and you are onto a winner.


I don’t have time to sit down and write a single blog, never mind regular blogs!

At Aware Marketing we know how little free time busy lawyers have! Our principal, Carl Waring, comes from that background too. However now he devotes all his time to marketing for lawyers and in particular producing just the type of blogs described above. With many years’ experience in practice under his belt, plus subsequent years of writing content for lawyers, he is well placed to produce consistently well written blogs, at very reasonable prices, on a wide range of legal topics.

If you see the benefits of having regular blogs to put up on your website, but don’t have the time to do them yourself, why not give Carl at Aware Marketing a call on 07368 320165 or email and see how he can help you to get the ball rolling.

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